Workshops and Courses

CACAO thinking of the satisfaction of its customers, offers custom workshops and courses and through them, quickly and acquire the knowledge required to effectively meet its business activities that demand it. Our workshops have a duration of 4 and up to 32 hours, the courses since 24 hours until 40 hours and are 100% customizable to your requirements and needs. They can be taught in CACAO rooms or onsite. Schedules can be day, evening and Saturday.

Database and Programing

Mysql essentials

Learn of fundamentals of one of the most popular databases worldwide.

Mysql Administration

Learn more about the most powerful database manager used biggest companies around the world.


Gnu-Linux/Unix Fundamentals

An Introductory course to the Gnu-Linux/Unix, Learn more about of the operating system that can help your company save thousands of dollars.

Gnu-Linux Administration

In this course will acquire necesary knowledge to administrate and manage the operating system of your company's GNU-Linux servers.

Advanced Gnu-Linux Administration

In this course, you will learn installation and configuration services for gnu-linux such as: LDAP, NFS, multiphatings, etc.


This course provides operating system administrators (sysadmins) the knowledge of creating process automation. Bash, Bourne, Korn are the main shells used throught this course.